The Struggles Of Being a Bisexual


Not many people really understand what it means to really be bisexual. Its a constant battle to make people understand that their is such a thing as really being bisexual. Being a real bisexual to me means that I would just as readily have a long term relationship with a woman or a man. I absolutely don’t need both at the same time, just like I don’t need two men or two women. I wont cheat with someone of the opposite sex of my partner, anymore than I would with someone of the same sex as my partner. Its just so stereotypical and kinda judgmental.

I didn’t realize until my first or second year of university how deep these stereotypes go. This realization hit me when I was attending a female sexuality class in the women studies department. Great class by the way, really disappointed I didn’t get to finish it. (Got pregnant, which is a story for another post). Anyways the last thing I did before quitting for that semester was a presentation on the stereotypes of being a bisexual and the struggles we face. I was reading some comments to the class, that I had found on the internet by lesbians who were totally against bisexuals or bisexuality. The article was called why do lesbians hate bisexals. Since not having any previous knowledge of this I was completely and utterly taken off guard. I never expected such a judgmental mindset in the LGBT community. Before that moment I had always proudly told my LGBT community that I was bisexual, but since then I’ve had a lot more hesitation mentionning it to them.

I know we all have our preferences in who we want to date and that’s totally fine with me, but not wanting to date a bisexual based on stereotypes, or bad experiences,with was probably a bi-curious person and not an actual bisexual is kinda sad. What really bothered me though was the total disbelief that bisexuality exist. It being looked at as something only confused or attention seeking individuals claim to be.

All based on stereotypes that are were more than likely started based on bi-curious people and not bisexuals to begin with. Seriously people need to be more open minded, and especially people in the LGBT community. Like I said in my presentation, how can the LGBT community ask our society to be open minded about same sex relationships and everything else included in the LGBT community if they cant themselves be open minded about things within their own community, like bisexuality.  Lead by example people.

Sincerely, Charmed

One thought on “The Struggles Of Being a Bisexual”

  1. Lesbians feel a fear their hearts will be broken finally by bisexuals, but what’s the point of love then? I want to support bisexuals. Let’s take a different approach to the issue. When a bisexual finds her love and this person is a woman – then, that is the only thing that matters. She meets LOVE, not a gender. That’s the whole point. Like any heterosexual woman looks for love in men’s society, a bisexual woman in the same way looks for love in men’s and women’s society. And this does not necessarily mean that she likes men more than women. No, the idea is the same – to find a sweetheart.

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